Înapoi lungime de labradorite

According to legend, labradorite has been valued for its power as well as its beauty for centuries. Labradorite is a popular decorative stone because of its labradorescence, which creates a dazzling optical phenomenon of a blue green to deep blue sheen that shimmers in the light. Labradorite is a stone of transformation and change. Other varieties, including rare specimens, offer a stunning rainbow of green, violet, or orange shimmer called spectrolite. Our Labradorite jewelery and Spectrolite jewelry exhibits finely calibrated central flash and some of the finer hand picked Labradorite and Spectrolite we have the privilege. All Labradorite Jewelry. Culoare: incolor, gri, alb, rosu, galben, roz, portocaliu, verde, brun. Are ape de culori sau irizații metalice, astfel încât nuanțele se schimbă în funcție de. Labradorite enhances strength of will and feelings of inner worth. We have brought to you these fine examples of the full capabilities of Labradorite and Spectrolite in everyday wear styles and fashionable jewelry. | See more ideas about Sterling silver bead bracelet, Tree of life pendant and Shop blue life. Pietrele de calitate superioară, găsite de obicei în Peninsula Scandinavă, datorită irizațiilor intense mai poartă denumirea de Spectrolit.
Most typically, these metallic tints are violet, blue and green; but sometimes yellow, orange and red can be seen. The heart of labradorite meaning is based almost entirely in the. Labradorite is an iridescent gemstone with a fascinating schiller or metallic luster when viewed from certain angles. Vrei Labradorite?
Labradorite Goddess Crystals. Pe Okazii poti alege din 2 oferte, ai reduceri si livrare gratuita din stoc, cumperi in siguranta prin Garantia de Livrare. Labradorite is a fascinating stone to behold, with all of its flashy iridescence and color variations. Her home is the Aurora Borealis, the place where souls go when their body dies and waits to. Labradorite honors Arianrhod, the Welsh Goddess of the Moon and Stars. Labradorite is a gemstone that was named after Labrador in Canada, where it was found on the Isle of Paul, near Nain in 1770. Labradorite is also very protective against negative energies, balancing, strengthening and protecting the aura and sealing the aura from energy leaks. Find and save ideas about Labradorite jewelry on Pinterest. Ac de cravata din argint cu labradorite Piesa unicat Dimenisuni: lungime 5, 5 cm / latime 0, 6 cm. Înapoi lungime de labradorite. Bratara marcata Argint 925 cu pietre Sakota labradorite naturale 19/ 20 cm lungime. It does not have a long history of appreciation as a semi- precious gemstone but it does have a fairly long history in legend.

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